Youth for the Environment and Sustainability (YES) Conference

Saturday, February 7, 2015, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
YES 2015
Joseph P. Bort Metrocenter, 101 Eighth Street, Oakland (near the Lake Merritt BART station)
Registration is closed

Students from around the San Francisco Bay Area joined together to discuss transportation issues, learn how their decisions can impact climate change, and share ways of encouraging others to walk, bike, take transit, or carpool to school.

Questions? Please talk to Kristina Chu with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District at or 415-749-4758.

2015 YES Conference video

2015 Keynote Speakers

Student Keynote Speaker – Serah Almeyda is a student at Windsor High School and an engaged community activist. In addition to her participation in the Center for Climate Protection's Youth Advisory Board, Serah is active in Global Student Embassy, which empowers young leaders to become environmental stewards. She has spent time on environmental projects in Nicaragua and is currently preparing for a trip to Ecuador for reforestation. She serves as a youth representative on the Board of Directors for SAY, Social Advocates for Youth, a youth advocacy organization in Sonoma County. Serah is also one of five high-school student fellows in the Leadership Institute for Ecology and Economy's Leadership for a Sustainable Future Program — a program that seeks to educate community leaders to be more effective in shaping public policy. And, she still found time to be an active volunteer for past political campaigns in Sonoma County!

Adult Keynote Speaker - Nick Laskowski is a co-founder of San Jose Bike Party, a monthly ride of 2,500 people. He’s a National Board Certified Teacher who teaches sixth graders at Herbert Hoover Middle School in San Jose. He has led rides of students to tour colleges and explore the city and he’s always excited for more ways to get people of all ages on bikes. Nick got married on a tandem bike! In 2011, he was recognized as the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition’s Bike Commuter of the Year. He got very wet riding home in December’s rains.

In 2013, conference attendees shared projects, experiences, and stories from events they've hosted and organized at their schools. Participants got involved through an advocacy training session, learned about student-driven efforts to reduce driving at schools, and practiced fixing flat bike tires.

Check out the video and information below about the 2013 YES Conference.

MTC and the Air District also have a great article on the One Bay Area website about the 2013 YES Conference.

2013 Keynote Speakers

Student Keynote Speaker – Jasmine Jolly is a freshman at Windsor High School and was recently a speaker at the National Safe Routes to School conference. She’s an active cyclist and bike advocate, and rides her bike to school 2-3 days a week – a 25 mile round trip ride! She’s been on three bike tours in the last two years, and was one of the youngest riders in the past Climate Ride. Jasmine loves to spend time with her friends at Spring Lake State park and has plans for many future rides.

Adult Keynote Speaker – As Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility at Specialized Bicycles, Simon Dunne develops the brand and program strategy for the company’s initiative, First Gear. When he’s not tightening bolts on training wheels he’s building global support for its simple vision: every kid on a bike. First Gear supporters - athletes, retailers, employees, non-profits, corporations, and fans of cycling - are working together to introduce new kids to the bicycle every day. Prior to First Gear, Simon was a marketing consultant, helping brands develop engaging sustainability platforms and messaging. His interest lies in the innovations, communities, and communications that inspire companies and individuals to make smarter decisions for our world. Simon helps to motivate people to support sustainable behaviors and social movements